Austin’s Gonna Make it!

Friday October 28th 2022
Austin, Tx

AGMI Highlights Local Austin Talent in Web3   

AGMI aims to become the premier showcase of America’s most promising crypto city – Austin, TX. Our inaugural event will celebrate the vibrance of Austin’s Web3 Ecosystem by featuring a curated slate of panel conversations with the community’s subject matter experts, promoting the local culture of innovation, and setting a precedent for web3 event accessibility by providing an in-person attendance opportunity.

Bringing a world-class event like AGMI to life requires the generous support, skills, and drive of an entire community: web3 cultural influencers, civic leaders, entrepreneurs, and even investors. In exchange, our event offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities that leverage individual resources and capacities – ultimately ensuring that AGMI exists for the community, by the community.




Happy Hour

Venue: Speakeasy 

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CEO-Crypto Current / MP-Multiple Crypto Funds

Richard Carthon

CEO-Crypto Current / MP-Multiple Crypto Funds


Richard Carthon is the CEO and host of Crypto Current, an educational platform teaching about bitcoin and blockchain technologies. 

What is Richard’s Background? 

Back in January of 2018, Richard Carthon worked at an artificial intelligence company. On his first day, his boss at the time asked Richard what he knew about Bitcoin to which Richard asked “what is Bitcoin”? 

From there, Richard fell down the rabbit hole and has never come out. The deeper down the hole, the more he realized this technology would change the world as he knew it for the better. 

The more Richard researched, the more he realized there was a gap in the market of materials aimed at starting out in crypto. He decided there needed to be more resources on the market for beginners- thus Crytpo Current was born. 

The Founding of Crypto Current 

Richard went on to start Crypto Current – a podcast and website to help people learn and stay up to date with all things cryptocurrency and blockchain. This was because he saw people struggling to learn and keep up in the crypto and blockchain realm. 

Crypto Current’s core values include:

  • Integrity: Crypto Current brings honesty and transparency to every interaction.  
  • Teamwork: Maximize our collective impact together by uniting around a commitment to inclusivity and taking relentless leadership. 
  • Gratitude: Demonstrating humanity and are always grateful for the journey. We will reflect on where we were and how far we’ve come. 
  • Consistency: The dedication to our purpose is amplified by our passion for problem-solving. It pushes our limits and makes our work shine! 
  • Diligence: We owe our audience a duty of care that empowers and instills confidence. 
  • Set and Crush Goals: Known for our overreaching spirit, we set ambitious goals and constantly push to improve all aspects of our business. 

Richard in the Present Day

Richard still hosts the Crypto Current’s podcast– which has over 300 episodes. And the Crypto Current site has a ton of supplemental resources including articlesnews, and guides. Currently, Crypto Current has over 10 people on its team that fosters a culture that is high achieving, transparent, and fun! 

You can check out Richard being featured on The Today Show– a piece that focuses on a discussion of what cryptocurrency is. Richard has a history of public speaking and it shows through his podcast and a variety of talks including a Non-Fungible People presentation and his TedTalk. Lastly, he aided in creating a variety of valuable resources including Crypto 101 for Beginners

To book Richard please contact him here. 

COO-Crypto Current / MP-SVG Capital

Steven Miller

COO-Crypto Current / MP-SVG Capital


Steven Miller is the Chief Operating Officer of Crypto Current, an educational platform teaching about bitcoin and blockchain technologies. This article will outline what Steven does, Steven’s start in crypto, and more about Crypto Current.

What Does Steven Do?

Steven is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Crypto Current. This means he touches almost every aspect of the company. His main focus is on leading the development of Crypto Current’s content strategy, shaping our user experience, managing the people operations, systemizing our internal process, and so much more.

Outside of Crypto Current, he serves as a managing partner of SVG Capital, an NFT Investment Firm specializing in advisory and offering managed portfolio services.

Steven’s Start In Crypto

Back in 2017, Steven found himself disenchanted with our society’s traditional financial system. Due to the multiple failures he experienced while dealing with the traditional financial system. It was then he began to look for other options.

During this time, CryptoCurrency was rising in the heat of the 2017-2018 bull market. This leads him to go down the rabbit hole and explore the world of crypto.

More About Crypto Current

Crypto Current is a podcast and website to help people learn and stay up to date with all things cryptocurrency and blockchain. The main reason for creating Crytpo Current is because the founders saw firsthand the struggle of people to learn and keep up in the crypto and blockchain realm.

To book Steven Miller, please contact Crypto Current here.

CEO-Token Metrics

Ian Balina

CEO-Token Metrics


Ian is the founder and CEO of Token Metrics, a data analytics platform for crypto that helps investors leverage machine learning to become smarter investors. He has appeared in CNBC, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur Magazine for his work in analytics, cryptocurrencies, and entrepreneurship.

President-Node Providers

Quin Weidner

President-Node Providers


Quin is an expert on incentive structure and system architecture for crypto and defi projects. He helped launch the first decentralized TOR routed EVM alongside partners like Galaxy Digital, Binance, and WorldPay FIS. He bridges the gap between highly technical cryptographers and mainstream fintech businesses.

Quin dropped out of UVA engineering to focus on commercial scale bitcoin mining, importing machines, and consulting on mining business and operations. He consulted in infrastructure scale energy development and investments with clients such as Blackstone and Vistra. Quin is a serial entrepreneur and focuses on being first to market with new products and systems.

Quin is concerned about the prevalence of a few cloud computing giants hosting the majority of crypto infrastructure. He built the team at Node Providers to create truly decentralized infrastructure for the growing defi world.

Links / Co-Founder-ThorGuards

0xSaigon / Co-Founder-ThorGuards



0xSaigon is an early contributor to THORChain, the creator of, and a co-founder of the ThorGuards NFT project.


Sam Padilla



Sam Padilla is a Web3 cloud engineer at Google Cloud and one of the core members of ATX DAO.

For Google Cloud, Sam focuses on designing and engineering scalable blockchain architectures using cloud technology, optimizing node topology, etc.

For ATX DAO, Sam helps design the strategy, find partnerships, build community, and lead the public policy efforts. 

Sam has written extensively about several philosophic & technological ideas ( regarding decentralization, DAOs, space exploration, and democracy.

Previous speaking engagements include DeFi Summit on DAOs & DeFi, internal Google talks on blockchain, and youth innovation conferences.

CEO-Steady State Finance

Jonathan Libby

CEO-Steady State Finance


Jon is the founder of Steady State, a DeFi insurance protocol inspired by blockchain’s transformative power to impact global financial systems. Jon has founded four businesses including a digital marketing firm, an e-commerce platform, and the Executive Partners Group. Jon was mentored by leading figures in global finance including Ronald Latz (former CFO at AIG), Michael Engelhart (former COO at Lloyd’s of London) and Richard Vazquez (financial services entrepreneur).


CEO-Multiplied Marketing Communications

Ben Noble

CEO-Multiplied Marketing Communications


Ben Noble is a co-owner of Multiplied Marketing Communications, a premium PR/Marketing agency that specializes in NFTs, metaverse, and blockchain technology. Ben is both a leading communications specialist and a pioneer of NFT/blockchain technology. He’s worked with industry leading names including Gods Unchained, Solana, OneOf, Binance, Steve Aoki, Impact Theory, Quinten Tarantino, Nansen,, and many more…

Ben started his blockchain work and his foray into NFTs in early 2018. His work in play-to-earn gaming, NFT/DeFi mechanics and his general evangelism for the blockchain space laid the groundwork for many of the popular NFTs today. Together with his business partner Ivan Perez, Ben helped create one of the first NFTs as a credit warrant on Teller Finance.

Today, Ben Noble has one of the largest collections of NFTs, currently sitting at roughly 20,000 digital assets. He sits as an advisor for several NFT projects such as 0n1 Force, Midnite Movie Club, SIFT and Clubhouse Archives. Through his company Multiplied, Ben has helped projects raise more than $50 million via NFT sales.

Head of Biz Dev-FIO Protocol

Wayne Marcel

Head of Biz Dev-FIO Protocol


Wayne has been managing, teaching, and coaching high performing teams for over 20 years. Several years ago his passion for helping and teaching people was merged with his passion for technology as he learned more about cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. Digging deep and learning about the issues with the current legacy financial systems solidified his passion for cryptocurrency and all things related to it. Also, with many predators taking advantage of people with fake cryptocurrency scams and high cost-low value education programs, he decided to make my sole focus around educating and coaching others. 

He realized the road to mass adoption must travel through education and user friendly platforms. He also realized over many years of coaching others that education without proper mindset and personal development coaching doesn’t lead to desired results. Through our strategic partners and personalized 1-on-1 coaching and education program, Wayne will give you the right tools and mindset needed to make the right decisions in this space.



Head of Operations-Coral Defi

Chase Mayeux

Head of Operations-Coral Defi


Chase Mayeux is the Head of Operations at Coral Capital, an alternative investment platform focused on digital assets and decentralized finance applications.

• Chase has over 12 years of sales, operations, and business development experience working with startups and Fortune 500 companies. 

• Co-Founder and CEO of OneCussion (2017).

• Marketing and Operations Director of Ronin Forex (2018).

• Director of Investor Relations and Founding Team Member at OnChain Alpha, a DeFi focused alternative asset investment firm (2020).

• Helped Maverick, a decentralized crypto derivatives protocol, raise $8 million in a strategic funding round led by Pantera Capital. (2021)

• Advisory Board Member of Decent DAO (2022).

• Bachelor’s degree with a dual major in Marketing and Management from Texas Tech University, Rawls College of Business.

Email  — LinkedInTwitter


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