Ben Noble


Ben Noble is a co-owner of Multiplied Marketing Communications, a premium PR/Marketing agency that specializes in NFTs, metaverse, and blockchain technology. Ben is both a leading communications specialist and a pioneer of NFT/blockchain technology. He’s worked with industry leading names including Gods Unchained, Solana, OneOf, Binance, Steve Aoki, Impact Theory, Quinten Tarantino, Nansen,, and many more…

Ben started his blockchain work and his foray into NFTs in early 2018. His work in play-to-earn gaming, NFT/DeFi mechanics and his general evangelism for the blockchain space laid the groundwork for many of the popular NFTs today. Together with his business partner Ivan Perez, Ben helped create one of the first NFTs as a credit warrant on Teller Finance.

Today, Ben Noble has one of the largest collections of NFTs, currently sitting at roughly 20,000 digital assets. He sits as an advisor for several NFT projects such as 0n1 Force, Midnite Movie Club, SIFT and Clubhouse Archives. Through his company Multiplied, Ben has helped projects raise more than $50 million via NFT sales.