Grant Powell


Grant Powell, founder of Curios, a Web3 platform with easy-to-use tools for every creator and business, no programming required.

Grant Powell is a unique founder (what some would call a unicorn) as he’s both a left-brain and right-brain person. He’s been building technologies in different capacities over the last 20 years, and also has a background in fine arts and graphic design. If you want proof, just check out the Curios website as he’s responsible for everything you see, from programming code and writing content, to the logo and design. Grant built, by himself, the vast majority of the first version of Curios’ technologies and tools that launched in August of 2021.

One of Grant’s first passions was collecting and he’s been doing it as long as he can remember. As a technologist and a collector, he was really excited about how NFTs could power digital collectibles. He tried to purchase his fist NFT and found it to be so difficult he actually abandoned the idea. He immediately saw an opportunity to make the experience easier and more user friendly, and decided to build Curios to do just that. 

Curios really is the key to the Metaverse!