Richard Carthon Bio


Richard Carthon is the CEO and host of Crypto Current, an educational platform teaching about bitcoin and blockchain technologies. 

What is Richard’s Background? 

Back in January of 2018, Richard Carthon worked at an artificial intelligence company. On his first day, his boss at the time asked Richard what he knew about Bitcoin to which Richard asked “what is Bitcoin”? 

From there, Richard fell down the rabbit hole and has never come out. The deeper down the hole, the more he realized this technology would change the world as he knew it for the better. 

The more Richard researched, the more he realized there was a gap in the market of materials aimed at starting out in crypto. He decided there needed to be more resources on the market for beginners- thus Crytpo Current was born. 

The Founding of Crypto Current 

Richard went on to start Crypto Current – a podcast and website to help people learn and stay up to date with all things cryptocurrency and blockchain. This was because he saw people struggling to learn and keep up in the crypto and blockchain realm. 

Crypto Current’s core values include:

  • Integrity: Crypto Current brings honesty and transparency to every interaction.  
  • Teamwork: Maximize our collective impact together by uniting around a commitment to inclusivity and taking relentless leadership. 
  • Gratitude: Demonstrating humanity and are always grateful for the journey. We will reflect on where we were and how far we’ve come. 
  • Consistency: The dedication to our purpose is amplified by our passion for problem-solving. It pushes our limits and makes our work shine! 
  • Diligence: We owe our audience a duty of care that empowers and instills confidence. 
  • Set and Crush Goals: Known for our overreaching spirit, we set ambitious goals and constantly push to improve all aspects of our business. 

Richard in the Present Day

Richard still hosts the Crypto Current’s podcast– which has over 300 episodes. And the Crypto Current site has a ton of supplemental resources including articlesnews, and guides. Currently, Crypto Current has over 10 people on its team that fosters a culture that is high achieving, transparent, and fun! 

You can check out Richard being featured on The Today Show– a piece that focuses on a discussion of what cryptocurrency is. Richard has a history of public speaking and it shows through his podcast and a variety of talks including a Non-Fungible People presentation and his TedTalk. Lastly, he aided in creating a variety of valuable resources including Crypto 101 for Beginners

To book Richard please contact him here.