Steven Miller Bio


Steven Miller is the Chief Operating Officer of Crypto Current, an educational platform teaching about bitcoin and blockchain technologies. This article will outline what Steven does, Steven’s start in crypto, and more about Crypto Current.

What Does Steven Do?

Steven is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Crypto Current. This means he touches almost every aspect of the company. His main focus is on leading the development of Crypto Current’s content strategy, shaping our user experience, managing the people operations, systemizing our internal process, and so much more.

Outside of Crypto Current, he serves as a managing partner of SVG Capital, an NFT Investment Firm specializing in advisory and offering managed portfolio services.

Steven’s Start In Crypto

Back in 2017, Steven found himself disenchanted with our society’s traditional financial system. Due to the multiple failures he experienced while dealing with the traditional financial system. It was then he began to look for other options.

During this time, CryptoCurrency was rising in the heat of the 2017-2018 bull market. This leads him to go down the rabbit hole and explore the world of crypto.

More About Crypto Current

Crypto Current is a podcast and website to help people learn and stay up to date with all things cryptocurrency and blockchain. The main reason for creating Crytpo Current is because the founders saw firsthand the struggle of people to learn and keep up in the crypto and blockchain realm.

To book Steven Miller, please contact Crypto Current here.